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About ERA Senegal

The Education and Research in Agriculture project is a capacity building initiative, based on the U.S. land-grant model, which fights for food security in Senegal by bringing together some of the best minds in agriculture in West Africa and the United States in a collaborative research, extension, and education platform.

Revitalization of agriculture in Senegal is critical to ensuring that the country can feed itself. While 75 percent of Senegal’s 13 million people are employed in the agricultural sector, the country still imports 70 percent of its rice. To rectify this imbalance, the ERA project was conceived as part of the U.S. government’s Feed the Future Initiative, an effort to address the underlying causes of hunger and undernutrition around the world.

Since 2010, the project has been led by Virginia Tech's Center for International Research, Education, and Development in partnership with three other American university programs at University of ConnecticutPurdue University, and Tuskegee University — as well as Senegalese experts at the country's leading schools. ERA is leading the charge to connect agriculture, education, and business in a world where agricultural development is not just about money, but about people. 

To view infographics which summarize a few of our programs, click here.

For information about the USAID-ERA project, contact:
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